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Mickey McCarthy Feature in Slide Mag

These are the assignments I love.

Pick up the latest issue of Slide Magazine (Issue #28) to see my feature on Outer Banks surfer/photographer/historian/shaper Mickey McCarthy. You can find it at bookstores and select surf shops. 2M has always been one of my favorite guys to work with and this one was a real pleasure. It documents his decades of shooting the Outer Banks, from Civil War reenactments to epic swells. They’ve got a little http://www.slidemagazine.com/blogs/news/13874157-slide-28-on-sale-now.

Mikala Jones for the Outdoor Journal

I had the opportunity to work with Hawaiian surfer Mikala Jones on a full ten-page feature for The Outdoor Journal Mikala is one of those amazing Hawaiians who simply charges, but has a great respect for family life and Hawaiian tradition. The Outdoor Journal is a newer mag out of India, the first global outdoor pursuit magazine. This is my first assignment with them, but there is more in the works. They have plans to be in the bigger US bookstores at some point in 2014. The story is in Volume: 1, Issue:3, Winter 2013. Mikala and I talked about the breaks in his backyard, poke from the Superette, and the North Shore Land Trust.

The Race of Gentlemen, Inked Mag

The Race of GentlemenThe Oliers Car Club presented "The Race of Gentlemen" in Wildwood, October, 2014

Last October, Ann Marie and I covered The Race of Gentlemen by the Oilers Car Club in Wildwood. The six-page feature appeared in Issue 61 of Inked Magazine, but the story just ran online this week. Racing vintage hot rods and motorcycles, it was a really creative event with serious characters, thrills and spills. “This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the States. It’s really impressive. At a car show, you sit on a lawn chair and people check out your car. But this is a whole other level,” says Jim Loughlin of Jamesburg, NJ. He, his brother, Brett, and his father, John, had built the car—from scratch—the week before the event. It was one of two from-scratch hot rods out of the 35 or so. Read the full feature, "Oil and Water" here.

"Working Class" Jetty Nicaragua trip, ESM

Ten years ago, I was still bartending full time in the summer and just getting my writing off the ground. I did a few stories on some young guys who had launched an apparel line. Then I started to work with them and help develop some ideas. I even shared my office with them for a year. Jetty has not only grown that into a legitimate company, but I've thoroughly enjoyed growing with them every step of the way. I've built great relationships with their team riders, staff, and the non-profits they are involved with. Then we all worked shoulder to shoulder in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Our community is far better off because of these guys.

Check out this feature on the Jetty trip to Nicaragua for Eastern Surf Magazine's Traveler's Notebook  Not quite the crazy voyages in a van through Central America 15 years ago, but it was an excellent time with a great crew. 

Reverend Horton Heat for Inked

Reverend Horton HeatJay Watson for Inked Magazine.

Fans of rockabilly, surf guitar, punkabilly, etc… will be into this. I got to interview the Reverend Horton Heat for the current (Feb 2014, #61, the Pinup Issue) Inked Magazine. You can read the full interview here. The Rev talked about his new album “Rev,” which was released on Victory in late January, his impressive 30-year career, and why getting a band name or logo tattoo is dangerous if that artist turns out to like little boys. From the story: Although he doesn’t have sleeves of devil girls or sailor tats, the band members do have some very classic ink. However, Heath warns against getting the logo of your favorite musical artist as a tattoo. “Say you have a Gary Glitter tattoo—you never know when someone is gonna get hauled off to jail for being a pedophile! The whole [tattoo] kind of hinges on their future behavior,” he laughs.

Compassing for The Surfers Journal

Last summer, our friend Cyrus Sutton released his latest film, “Compassing.” One of the producers was our longtime bud and LBI native, Mark Tesi. Mark and Cy came back to the East Coast to show the film in Brooklyn and Ship Bottom last summer. They stayed with us, went clamming, hung out with Archie, and we all got fun little waves right out front, with Cyrus styling my Dad’s 1966 Weber Performer. The most recent edition of The Surfer's Journal has my review of “Compassing” on page 124. The mag is out now. So cool to work with our good friends.

"Burned Out" feature in Surfer Magazine

Starting the new year right. In 1987 I got a subscription to Surfer Magazine From junior high through college and beyond, I would read every article – most of them twice. The articles in “The Bible of the Sport” at that time helped shape my life. This month, I’m stoked to have my first ever feature in Surfer. It was, however, an unfortunate event that got me the assignment. On September 12 of 2013, the Seaside Park and Heights Boardwalks became a raging inferno just as they were in the midst of rebuilding after Superstorm Sandy. This feature is about the history and mystique of Seaside, its importance to the economy, all of New Jersey’s common connection to this town, Sandy, the rebuild effort, and the fire. I just hope I did them justice in telling the story. There are some fantastic photos by Ben Currie, Ryan Miller, Ray Hallgreen, and Ryan Struck. The article is on page 74 of the February 2014 issue of Surfer Mag, on shelves now. Or you can subscribe to Surfer Mag’s digital edition.

Bouncing Souls, Fallon, the Aquarian

In September, Red Bull had Brooklyn Vegan curate a Sound Select Show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg that featured Brookyln’s Aye Nako and Nude Beach opening for co-headliners the Bouncing Souls and Brian Fallon. The Aquarian just got around to running my review. Next week, the Bouncing Souls have an insane schedule parties, films, a flea market, brunch, tattoo fundraisers, and art exhibits as part of their annual Home for the Holidays extravaganza at the Stone Pony. Can’t wait.

Gaslight Anthem's Fallon Comes Clean

The Gaslight Anthem’s Brian Fallon Comes Clean” is my latest and most in-depth work with TGA frontman, Brian Fallon. The story also appears in the December issue of The Red Bulletin. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with this band since 2007. I got to do their first ever review for a glossy magazine for Sink or Swim and Ann Marie did one of their first photo shoots just as The ’59 Sound was releases, one photo of which appeared in Spin Magazine. I spent a few days with Fallon in the city this summer between his recording acoustic work, a few shows, and a new photo shoot. This particular feature is the result of a very candid talk over pizza in Chelsea. We got to chatting about how the Gaslight Anthem almost broke up, but found a way to move forward. And the story developed following their much talked about show at Chelsea Piers, while I was writing it. It was a pretty interesting time and I am grateful to Red Bull for the opportunity to tell the story.

Brian Fallon. Photo: Nevins/Red Bull.

Transworld Surf 100 Greatest Waves book

Transworld Surf's 100 Greatest Waves bookTransworld Surf's 100 Greatest Waves book

For the past six years, I was a contributor to Transworld Surf Magazine Sadly, the mag was bought out and folded this summer. Fortunately, they did get their “Transworld Surf 100 Greatest Waves” book published. It’s a fun read and loaded with unreal images from a lot of our friends. I was honored to be asked by Associate Editor, Casey Koteen, who edited and wrote much of this book, and has been somewhat of a mentor to me, to contribute to four regions – Nova Scotia, New Jersey, New England, and New York. My first time published in a book. The book is available from the publisher Weldon Owen bookstores, and in surf shops.

Transworld Book NJ
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