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Chuck Ragan: Hard Times to Hot Water Music

For the last 18 years of my life, few things have influenced me as much as Hot Water Music and the solo folk career of Chuck Ragan I've been fortunate enough to hang out with him on several occasions and also interview him. The most recent was before a Red Bull Sound Select Show in New Brunswick last fall with Cory Branan, Jared Hart of the Scandals, and Matt Pryor of the Get Up Kids.

We put away a massive amount of sushi while we talked about punk, travel, fishing, and Chuck's past. When this guy tells stories about angling excursions while on tour and bringing fresh catch into a restaurant in a random city and asking them to cook it, it's priceless. He also relayed a chapter of this youth that I had never heard. He took incarceration in a juvenile detention center and turned it into something inspiring and positive.

We walked back to the Court Tavern and Chuck proceeded to blow our minds until the early hours. I reconnected with Chuck and his entire band, The Camaraderie, in Atlantic City in early December where my friend Bryan Derballa took some amazing portrait shots.

The feature originally ran in Huck Magazine #48, but they just put it online Wednesday. Click here to read the feature "Chuck Ragan on his journey from prison to Hot Water Music" at Huckmagazine.com

Chuck Ragan by Brian Derballa for Huck

Chuck clued me in to some of his future plans, and I hope to continue to work with him as those develop. You can also check out some of Ann Marie's photos of Hot Water Music at Asbury Lanes here. Much love to Huck Mag for giving me the opportunity and sharing it.