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Jetty Fall/Winter 2015 Photoshoot

It's a tough thing to shoot anything in New Jersey between November and May around LBI. Let's just say we're not at our most photogenic. But there are those special days, those moments when winter at home is as beautiful as anywhere in the world. We took advantage of one of those days last January to shoot the Jetty Fall/Winter 2015 Mens and Jetty Womens line.

The line itself is what you have come to expect from Jetty - awesome flannels, hoodies, sherpas, chino pants, along with staples like super soft t's and hats. It's all about staying warm on those short days, a few winter waves, and steaming New England clam chowder.

We did the entire shoot within blocks of our house. It's amazing how your neighborhood can look if you have the right perspective. It doesn't hurt to have good neighbors either. Our fantastic models, the incredibly easy-going Johnny Skolnik and Melissa Moscato, stuck it out through the wind and snow to get the shots. Keep an eye out for more images from this shoot as Jetty begins to market it's fall line.