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Who Da Guy: Tim Daley

In early 2014 I was invited by my buds at Jetty to get on a Nicaragua trip to gather marketing content for the coming year. It was non stop laughs the whole time. I also got to spend some real time with team rider, Tim Daley of Brigantine.

Eastern Surf Magazine included Daley in this year's Who Da Guy Issue, #168, August, 2015. I really appreciate surfers like Daley who know a thing or two about hard work in the real world.

"You know that ace on the surf trip? He’s not a pro, but he rips. He’s the good-looking one, but you never catch him in the mirror. He’s got a six-pack and sculpted pecs, but you don’t see him exercising. When the surf is firing, he puts himself into the slot of the day. And when it’s shithouse, he somehow finds the speed in mushy lines to crush crumbly lips. He gets friendly with the boat driver and somehow manages to nab a Spanish mackerel on the way back in. He never gets sunburned or spends a night barfing/shitting out some third world bacteria. Between his grasp of the language and natural disposition, he hits it off with the local ladies or some Euro backpackers. He knows exactly what to order at the bar in any country, but always holds his drink. And by the end of the night, he’s teaching a local Bad Religion chords on guitar, entertaining everyone in the room. You want to hate him and his mustache, but in this case, you have to love him. That guy is Brigantine’s Tim Daley."

Tim Daley by Michael Murphy for ESM

Read the full Who Da Guy profile on Tim Daley in ESM.

"Digital Dynamite" Feature for ESM

For issue 158 of Eastern Surf Magazine, I was assigned an article on just how many surf photographers our state has produced in recent years.

Check out "Digital Dynamite," my feature on the explosion of surf photography in New Jersey.

 Apparently, it resonated. My editor, Nick McGregor felt that it exposed a few truths about the game and some of the players. Plus, I got texts from a few of New Jersey's pro surfers saying it hit the nail on the head. At the very least, it gave respect to some guys and girls who have been putting in their time and producing some great imagery. There are also some epic shots accompanying it.

Eastern Surf Magazine, Issue 158, page 36
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