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'Shored Up' at Lighthouse Film Fest

“Shored Up,” the documentary on coastal engineering by Ben Kalina will open the Lighthouse International Film Festival on Thursday, June 6 at the Surflight Theatre in Beach Haven. Over the course of three years, I got to know Ben pretty well. They guy was almost done with his film when Sandy hit and gave it a whole new life. He interviewed me at least six times for his film, beginning in 2009, when the first Army Corps of Engineers beach replenishments were coming to LBI. I maintain my position that while protecting our coast is necessary and Harvey Cedars was spared through Superstorm Sandy because of it, they can be done much better. After each project, we are left with a steep-sloping beach and no sandbar. This ruins the surf, the swimming and everything we love about our beaches on LBI. It has nothing to do with property values or dunes. In the wake of Sandy, there are billions of federal dollars coming to pump more and more sand. I have fought for the powers that be to provide us with better profiles and smarter engineering for ten years now. We are finally seeing our elected officials see the flaws of the current designs. Hopefully, Ben’s film further opens peoples’ eyes to improve these projects in the future. As with any film, my six interviews came down to a few soundbites and some footage of my wounded gorilla surf style. That’s to be expected when there are so many moving parts of this subject. He got some great insight and a lot of different perspectives. See “Shored Up” if you can.