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Surf Break Cancer in Transworld

My recent piece “Surf Break Cancer” is on page 42 of the August, 2013 issue of Transworld Surf Magazine. You can also read it at Transworldsurf.com Government sponsored beach fill projects have been killing sandbars for decades. I don’t hide my feelings that most surfers take zero action when it comes to better beachfill projects. Straight up apathetic. There have been projects in Monmouth County where the US Army Corps of Engineers worked with Surfers Environmental Alliance and got a better project. Derf McTighe, Donald Cresitello, and Richie Lee are all quoted. We understand the need for protecting our shore, but we have to find a better way. Harvey Cedars and Brant Beach are getting repair fill projects right now. Surf City is later this summer. Our greatest resource is being buried. Hope this sparks some NY and NJ surfers to talk to their elected officials to show them the importance of the sandbar. Heads have been in the sand for too long. Might want to consider getting involved. Photo is by my friend, Trevor Moran. 

Trevor MoranPhoto by Trevor Moran