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The Gaslight Anthem, Sound Select, The Aquarian

Been working with The Gaslight Anthem and Brian Fallon on a few projects with Red Bull Sound Select. Part of that was covering the Gaslight Anthem as they hand picked their opening bands at Irving Plaza on July 27: Frances & The Foundation, the Scandals and Dave Hause Growing up, the Aquarian was the mag you picked up to see what bands were coming around. This is the first I have written for them since a review of The Pogues in AC a while back and I got to work with my good friend, Brian Nevins. Read the full review in the Aquarian.

Nevins/Red Bull Photo Files

Readings from the Northside


Last week I had the opportunity to talk to Jim Verhagen of North Beach who documents the weather, elements and wildlife of his neighborhood. He is an amateur photographer, but I think he’s better than a lot of the “pros” I see walking around with all that new digi gear. I’m really impressed with his patience and knowledge to capture osprey, dolphins, piping plovers, whales, gulls and seals in their environment. His latest project is flying a GoPro cam on a remote control quad copter to shoot animals and a few solid surf sessions. This has so much potential.

Smiling DolphinVernhagen

Verhagen posts it all on his Word Press site, Readings from the Northside ith some fantastic commentary. You can read the whole feature at TheSandPaper.net He’s so passionate about it – bordering obsessed (like most of us.) And I love doing work like this.

Barca stands up to GMO Companies

Dustin Barca is my new favorite surfer. “Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are so big. But instead of putting pictures of myself up all day, why don’t I educate 5,000 people here or 5,000 people there on some serious issues instead of just posting about myself getting barreled and blowing my own smoke?”

Barca may be remembered as a Hawaiian legend, but it may not be for either surfing or MMA. Barca has become the face of the fight against agribusiness on the Hawaiian Islands. He is taking a stand against multinational corporations that modify the genetics of their crops in order to grow them more efficiently. Barca believes they are using Hawaii as a contained test tube experiment and the Hawaiian people as lab rats. I got the full scoop from Barca for XGames.com. This was a lot like my interview with John Joseph of the Cro-Mags. Two environmentalists – one a crazy frontman, the other a Pipe charger. They both could kick my ass.