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Readings from the Northside


Last week I had the opportunity to talk to Jim Verhagen of North Beach who documents the weather, elements and wildlife of his neighborhood. He is an amateur photographer, but I think he’s better than a lot of the “pros” I see walking around with all that new digi gear. I’m really impressed with his patience and knowledge to capture osprey, dolphins, piping plovers, whales, gulls and seals in their environment. His latest project is flying a GoPro cam on a remote control quad copter to shoot animals and a few solid surf sessions. This has so much potential.

Smiling DolphinVernhagen

Verhagen posts it all on his Word Press site, Readings from the Northside ith some fantastic commentary. You can read the whole feature at TheSandPaper.net He’s so passionate about it – bordering obsessed (like most of us.) And I love doing work like this.