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Reverend Horton Heat for Inked

Reverend Horton HeatJay Watson for Inked Magazine.

Fans of rockabilly, surf guitar, punkabilly, etc… will be into this. I got to interview the Reverend Horton Heat for the current (Feb 2014, #61, the Pinup Issue) Inked Magazine. You can read the full interview here. The Rev talked about his new album “Rev,” which was released on Victory in late January, his impressive 30-year career, and why getting a band name or logo tattoo is dangerous if that artist turns out to like little boys. From the story: Although he doesn’t have sleeves of devil girls or sailor tats, the band members do have some very classic ink. However, Heath warns against getting the logo of your favorite musical artist as a tattoo. “Say you have a Gary Glitter tattoo—you never know when someone is gonna get hauled off to jail for being a pedophile! The whole [tattoo] kind of hinges on their future behavior,” he laughs.