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The Race of Gentlemen, Inked Mag

The Race of GentlemenThe Oliers Car Club presented "The Race of Gentlemen" in Wildwood, October, 2014

Last October, Ann Marie and I covered The Race of Gentlemen by the Oilers Car Club in Wildwood. The six-page feature appeared in Issue 61 of Inked Magazine, but the story just ran online this week. Racing vintage hot rods and motorcycles, it was a really creative event with serious characters, thrills and spills. “This doesn’t happen anywhere else in the States. It’s really impressive. At a car show, you sit on a lawn chair and people check out your car. But this is a whole other level,” says Jim Loughlin of Jamesburg, NJ. He, his brother, Brett, and his father, John, had built the car—from scratch—the week before the event. It was one of two from-scratch hot rods out of the 35 or so. Read the full feature, "Oil and Water" here.