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Cyrus Sutton "Island Earth," Surfline

Recently, I connected with our friend Cyrus Sutton about his latest documentary focusing on food production. It's called "Island Earth," and it's really taking a look at the nature of farming in Hawaii, where the Islands have become the test lab for chemical companies. Surfline had me do a short feature on Cy's new project that ran this week. Check out Island Earth: The Movie, Examining Cyrus Sutton's new film on food production on Surfline.

Cyrus Sutton

“There’s an underground movement of young people who are going back to the land to grow their own food. This is in direct response to corporate corruption of our food supply and an understanding of the instability of the current way we grow and distribute food,” says the Californian, who also runs Korduroy.tv. “After months of research, I chose to focus on Hawaii as a case study on this phenomenon. Food is probably the most important cause of the environmental and social ills of today and I'm trying to communicate the complex issue of industrial agriculture through the medium I know best -- documentary.”

This is a big issue. There are still a few days to support his project via Kickstarter if you're interested in helping out. It's also been years since I have submitted to Surfline and it's good to be working with them again.