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"Live Faisst, Die Last" Ronnie Faisst for Inked

One of the coolest parts of my job is that I get to interview some serious badasses. This was particularly fun because Freestyle Motocross pioneer Ronnie Faisst is originally from South Jersey.

Ronnie Faisst; photo by Jon Trice (no h)

I actually met Faisst back in 2006 while covering a winter X Games. It was my first and only experience covering moto - intense dudes, backflips on ice, and the Godfather of the sport trashed the competitors tent and told everyone to go fuck off. And when it was all said and done, this solid guy from New Jersey took the bronze metal. They pulled freestyle moto from Winter X a few years later because it was just psychotic.

So this time I got to chat with Faisst about coming up, shaping the sport, staying at the top of his game for two decades, his new career in off-road truck racing, and of course, tattoos.

“I was like 14 and got tattooed by this biker guy in my town in South Jersey. His name was Al—long hair, big burly beard. He basically just did flash off the wall, typical biker tattoos,” laughs Faisst, “No shading, straight outline… real basic. He used to tattoo at the 4-H Fair in my town out of a little ghetto trailer.”

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