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The Beachcomber and Bay Mag issues are out!

Busy, busy times here on LBI. We're fighting to get those early mornings and evenings on the beach these days with heavy work schedules - impending projects, Liquid Lines columns, photo shoots, feature articles and everything else that comes with the summer workload.

But we had to take a few minutes this week to celebrate the releases of the Beachcomber.  I again wrote and edited the Beachcomber watersports issue. 

 I was able to do features on South End Surf N' Paddle's Race series  a retrospective of Free Spirit Skatepark  a full summer calendar, and a gear guide called Summer Essentials  It included a banger water shot by Kyle Gronostajski and an awesome full page image of a Ship Bottom summer swell by Ryan Johnson.

There are a few issues of the Beachcomber where you find the SandPaper, Island and mainland. And Bay Mag is at restaurants and other establishments around the Island.

The Beachcomber, 2015Beachcomber watersports and recreation issue, summer, 2015. Cover shot by Kyle Gronostajski.

"Digital Dynamite" Feature for ESM

For issue 158 of Eastern Surf Magazine, I was assigned an article on just how many surf photographers our state has produced in recent years.

Check out "Digital Dynamite," my feature on the explosion of surf photography in New Jersey.

 Apparently, it resonated. My editor, Nick McGregor felt that it exposed a few truths about the game and some of the players. Plus, I got texts from a few of New Jersey's pro surfers saying it hit the nail on the head. At the very least, it gave respect to some guys and girls who have been putting in their time and producing some great imagery. There are also some epic shots accompanying it.

Eastern Surf Magazine, Issue 158, page 36