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Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!

Against Me! by Drew GurianAgainst Me! poses for a portrait before playing a Red Bull Sound Selects Presents show at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ USA on 4 September 2015.

We've been listening to Against Me! since they broke out of the Gainesville scene with Reinventing Axle Rose, 13 years ago. I remember seeing them at the First Unitarian Church in Philly in 2003. Then in 2012, former frontman Tom Gable came out in a Rolling Stone interview that he would be transitioning to a woman. The punk community basically took it in stride. Laura Jane Grace became a voice for transgendered people years before the nation started having the dialogue we are having now - and the band continues to make great music. Additionally, Against Me! is one of Ann's all-time favorite bands and she had the opportunity to shoot them last year in DC.

On Friday of Labor Day weekend, I interviewed Laura Jane and covered Against Me!'s Red Bull Sound Select show at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, where her story is extremely relevant. It was the same day their new live album 23 Live Sex Acts dropped. The story recently ran on Asbury's music scene site Arcade-Radio.com with photos by Drew Gurian.

Introducing "The Barnegat Bullet"

We use the word "launched" a lot in marketing. But in this case, it's very literal.

Barnegat BulletBarnegat Bullet built by SJ Donato, Brick, NJ.

Ann Marie's father, Sam, a woodworking genius just launched the Barnegat Bullet, a custom 18-foot mahogany runabout that he designed and built himself. This is actually his third boat, the first two being a 30-foot runabout with a fuel injected 454 and 43-foot trawler with twin 150 hp Cummins diesels. And while he's keeping the original fleet, the Bullet is for sale.

Barnegat BulletBarnegat Bullet built by SJ Donato, Brick, NJ.

Unique and proven 4-ply laminated construction with epoxy and varnish finish, the new 4-cylinder 130 hp, freshwater cooled Mercruiser. This thing was all hand built on the Beaver Damn Creek. It's essentially a smaller version of a runabout with a shallow draft, specifically made for whipping around Barnegat Bay. Anyone want a classy ride, we'll put you in touch with him.

Curren Caples on Trestles Pro for Monster Children

By now, you have likely seen Kelly Slater's bizzaro sorta flyaway air-reverse that he sorta landed at the Hurley Pro Trestles. The event only has one more day to finish up, but they're on a third lay day in a row. In fact, I am in San Clemente now. I surfed Lowers this morning with no crowd, at one point I had it all to myself ....apparently Californians don't like the rain. Got a few fun rights despite the dying swell and south wind, the did the long hike back in a downpour. Pretty surreal for California considering LBI is 77 and sunny today.

Curren Caples, Photo by Acosta

Before the event started, I interviewed Van's team rider Curren Caples about Lowers and the contest. Trestles is said to be the ultimate skate park wave, so why not interview the skater who surfs like we all wish we could?

Read the full interview with Curren Caples at MonsterChildren.com

Surfing's Essential Sensations for Wavelength

Earlier this year, I started writing for Wavelength, Europe's original surf magazine. While we were away this winter, I penned a piece about the essential feelings of surfing that was recently published at Wavelengthmag.com. They're basic virtues that most modern surfers, anywhere in the world have experienced in some form. I had some help from Nat Young (the tour threat, not the legend) Cy Sutton, Brad Gerlach, and Doc Rosenblatt. 

Check out Surfing's Essential Sensations.

Great photos by Luke Gartside and James Parry.