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7 Days GrindTV, Dominican Republic


I have traveled all over the Caribbean and Central America (mostly like a dirtbag) but I had never been to the Dominican Republic. In June, I finally had the opportunity to visit this country for GrindTV This was more of an overall adventure mission mixed with some serious culinary experience than a surf trip, but still a really amazing journey. In the same day we were racing ATVs though the outback and then watching the sunset from the new Gansevoort Playa Imbert with a good time crew. And frankly, if I'm getting two sessions a day on a trip, I'll take go with the fantastic food voyage.

"Sometimes, it’s cool to check out new digs. This has never been a priority of mine, and as a result, I have spent nights in fishing-net hammocks, sketchy hostels, the pavement of Central American border crossing, airport floors, a puddle under a van and even the Tenderloin district in SF (well before the first fixed gears rolled through). But today was about both ends of the spectrum. This morning, we checked into the Casa Colonia, the only boutique hotel in the Playa Dorado region. The place has been here for 11 years, which is apparently the perfect amount of time for the bamboo to grow around the 50 suites, two restaurants and the Bagua Spa, because the landscaping is phenomenal."

You can read the entire trip log via these links. Day 7 has a quick GoPro edit.

Day 1 of 7 in the Dominican Republic: A love for the beisbol

Day 2 of 7 in the Dominican Republic: The open road

Day 3 of 7 in the Dominican Republic: No shortage of small waves

Day 4 of 7 in the Dominican Republic: From ATV excursions to fine dining

Day 5 of 7 in the Dominican Republic: Leaping from waterfalls

Day 6 of 7 in the Dominican Republic: Just a bunch of monkeys  

Day 7 of 7 in the Dominican Republic: Muchas Gracias

This trip was put together by the good folks at the BVK Agency, who were fantastic, and I came back with some great imagery thanks to Nick Agires