I live on Long Beach Island, in the great state of New Jersey.… like, year round. Winters can be a little rough, long stretches of frozen desolation. But then there are those surreal days of soft snowfall and empty waves. Summers are crazy hectic. As the Island swells to capacity we all have to put our heads down to make coin, but our friends are all around, the island is green and the water’s blue. Of course, in between those are the blissful days when the garden is exploding and someone drops off fresh striped bass, chasing snowy barrels in the winter or blue claw crabs with my kid in the summer.

I love to travel – the Outer Banks to Polynesia, the Rockies, cool little hotels and van camping, it’s all part of the experience. But I always look forward to coming home.

What is Days on File? 

 In actuality, Days On File is an inspiring song by the Lousiville, KY, band Falling Forward from the album “Hand Me Down.” The name is perfect for what I wanted to do with this web space. Basically I needed an outlet to display projects and post relevant publishings. Daysonfile.com also gives me a chance to experiment with things outside the parameters of our professional work. (Go buy the album from Doghouse Records.)  

Jon and Archie, Colorado, 2016

Jon Coen  Jon Coen is a freelance writer of fifteen years, having lived his whole live at the Jersey Shore. After years of slinging suds, pushing wheelbarrows, and otherwise being a dirty punk kid, he managed to build a career as a freelance writer/marketer. He’s driven to Costa Rica in a van and ran an old Mercedes on vegetable oil. He mostly covers travel, enviro issues, music, surf, tattoo culture, and anything Jersey Shore related. He is a former Associate Editor for N’East Magazine, and in addition to a weekly column in the SandPaper, he has written for a long list of publications and clients including The Surfer’s Journal,  Huck Magazine,  Reef,  Philadelphia Magazine,  Frank 151,  Roxy,  Anthem,  The Press of AC  Transworld Surf, Slide Mag,  Focus, Eastern Surf Magazine,  ESPN, and countless others.  He has also done some on-camera work with the Travel Channel, Transition Productions, Red Bull and NBC World Adventure Sports. His most recent project is called "Just Beneath the Surface," a mini documentary focusing on the LBI region. 

Photo by Ryan Johnson


Jon  joncoen@comcast.net (609) 290-7406