Every once in a while, New Jersey Monthly taps me for a little piece on things happening along the coast. They use the term “Jersey Shore,” more than I’d like but all good. This one was a round up of the Skatepark of the New Jersey Shore, on offer north and south. There are a few that have opened in this time. Kind of a roadmap for me and Archie right now.

Also a glaring reminder that LBI and Southern Ocean County are woefully behind in providing recreational opportunity outside traditional sports.

Sunshine Village Skatepark

399 Asbury Park Boulevard, Neptune

This new park was built among the sports fields and playground of Neptune’s Sunshine Village and is worth the trip for the bowls and transitions. The bowl is designed for flow with endless lines on three- and four-foot walls, as well as a cradle that reaches six feet. The street section features a kinked hubba, bump-to-bump, manual pad, ledge and extensions. The two areas are distinct but can be linked together with a spine. This is one of the Shore’s more creative parks, thoughtfully designed and well built.

“You’re not going to find too many parks like this in New Jersey,” says Derek Rinaldi, who was one of the state’s earliest professional skaters in the 1980s. “It’s good for everyone—adults and their kids, advanced skaters and little ones who are just learning.”

There are bathrooms at the park. Open 9 am–dusk. Pads are recommended. Skaters 17 and under must wear a helmet. Admission free.—Jon Coen”


Jon Coen Skateparks of the New Jersey Shore

Skateparks of the New Jersey Shore. Neptune Skatepark, Courtesy of Spohn Ranch.