Long Beach Island doesn’t have a boardwalk. But Fantasy Island crams all the magic and amusements into a square block of family fun.

Long Beach island video production


Four years ago, Brian Wainwright bought Fantasy Island and has kept it this landmark from becoming condos. He has a great love of community and keeps giving back.

As a sponsor of Just Beneath the Surface Season Two in 2019, we created a brand video that encapsulates that childhood feeling of wonder that Fantasy Island has given for generations.

Wainwright said this in the video:

“…You grow up and then you get to a certain age where other things are more important than coming to an amusement park. But I always found myself drawn back to this place. We would stop back, even in our 20s to sort of relive that energy of the arcade. And then you have your own kids and everything is sort of new again. You get to experience it in a different way, through the eyes of your children…”

I had to marry that feeling of amazement and wonder with the feeling of community that he has. We set it up to show that magic that happens each summer night at twilight when the lights come up.