This was the first episode we ever released and still our most watched with 65,000 views on Facebook alone.

beaver by Bob Birdsall


I had a vision with Just Beneath the Surface. I felt like New Jersey could look as good as anywhere, but you have to shoot on the right day. We have the character, the stories, the hard work, the history, the wildlife, scenery, and most importantly, the community. I wanted to bring it all together and tell the story like no one had in the past. Season One Episode One really made that a reality.

Everyone knows about LBI’s sugar sand beaches, but they don’t all know about the magic of our Barnegat Bay or the miles and miles of wilderness just inland in our the Pine Barrens. We met the generations of cranberry farmers and spoke with Bob Birdsall about the quiet magic back in the Pines. Next we joined my old friend Ken Gallant of South End Surf N’ Paddle in paddling the bay, learning about the growth and popularity of stand-up-paddle boarding.

This was sponsored by the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce and the Tide Table Group.