The Tide Table Group has a really nice line of apparel for each of its eateries. Each December we make a big online push to sell great tees, sweatshirts, hats, socks, drink wear and gift cards.

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This year, there were some amazing flap hats.

This year, we wanted to step it up a bit. We really wanted to promote the idea of doing holiday shopping locally, to support our small businesses in the area. And after a hard year, we also wanted to do something that was really out there and fun. We found the perfect song and just let some of the employees go nuts.  I can say with pretty good confidence that no one in the region has done anything like this in the past.


I did this video with 18 Mile Media, a young company just getting started from our area. I had the basic idea but 18 Mile came in with a little plot twist. We put our two ideas together and created a video that got everyone’s attention in the area. This garnered tens of thousands of views between Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

This is how we presented it:

“Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday…
After all that seriousness, we wanted to remind you that however you’re spending your holiday, it’s still all about fun.
Enjoy the Tide Table Group Video Holiday Card
We just relaunched our website and we’ve got a ton of great apparel, drinkware and gift cards to all of our eateries to #shoplocal.”
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The staff who played “actors” in this for a day were just all-time. The attitude and fun they brought to this video is a reflection of their work friendships and the spirit of the Tide Table Group.