2020 has brought some fantastic new opportunities, including working for Vuori.

Vuori is an athletic brand that is based on the Southern California lifestyle. They fill a niche for the athlete who doesn’t train in a gym, but is dedicated to fitness in the outdoors – trail running, surfing, beach workouts, paddling and yoga. Most recently, they signed Rob Machado, who was an ambassador at Reef when I was their copywriter.

For the past several months, I have been writing all of Vuori’s taglines, product description, catalog copy and more.

Vuori is a certified believes in real sustainability and earlier this year, they went Carbon Neutral. I’m always excited to work with people who share my ethics of environmental responsibility and ethical manufacturing.

“Our mission is to create quality products for your pursuit of a happy life; empowering deeper connections with fitness, nature, creativity, and community. Guided by our values and the coastal California lifestyle, we’re simply happier on a healthy planet. That’s why our approach to sustainability is fivefold, focused on the materials we work with, reduction of waste, offsetting 100% of our carbon footprint, social responsibility and community leadership.”