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Black Sails Productions was born out of a need to take storytelling to the next medium. After so many years of writing for web, magazines and newsprint, it became apparent that it was time to move to the next obvious medium, which was video.

The first true foray was Just Beneath the Surface, a web series focusing on the sustainable tourism on Long Beach Island and the surrounding area.

Our aim was to highlight the very best in outdoors and culture on and around Long Beach Island. Now four seasons in, we show the general public the hidden treasures that most will never see and to demonstrate how community, ecology, and sustainable tourism are all interrelated. Working in partnership with the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce and local partners, it is a professionally produced series with cinematography never before seen by a general audience – stories of characters, food, recreation, wildlife, history, fishing, and our shared culture.

We continue to create an energized web series for a mass audience, promoting sustainable tourism and create more engaged visitors.  Through that, Black Sails Productions has branched out into brand videos and more documentary work.  We welcome new projects and opportunities to tell stories.


Our number one job is to tell your story. We work with you to fine-tune your messaging and then create engaging content that draws connections between people and experiences.

We work with a variety of videographers and shoot with Red Camera, 4K, aerial and underwater to deliver the kind of stunning visuals that capture the imagination and compelling editing that sets your brand apart.

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2609, 2017

Just Beneath the Surface, Episode 1.3

By |September 26th, 2017|Categories: Video Production|Comments Off on Just Beneath the Surface, Episode 1.3

Summer's busy. It's busy as hell. And I know it's tough for folks to follow along with everything going on. Now that things are slowing down, I have a chance to share the project that has kept me on my toes this year. Thanks to Dave's Electric, Farias Surf, Mud City Crab House  the Ship Bottom Brewery and never ending support from the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce  we've done an entire season - four episodes of Just Beneath the Surface  our mini-documentary ...

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