Over the past 20 years, I have built a healthy freelance relationship with numerous publications while developing a solid career as a storyteller: journalist, video director and marketing writer.  This has ranged from long form dig-your-heels features to community journalism, travel features, product reviews,  in-depth character portraits and even coverage of world class snowboard and surf competitions.

Grain Surfboards feature, Eastern Surf Magazine

From epic trips to great swells, tattoo culture, underground music, the surf world, environmental issue, festivals, snowboarding, boating, local happenings, and social commentary, I love to tell the story. I’ve even started writing for some fishing publications. And I know just enough about fishing to know that I know nothing about fishing.

Publications I’ve Worked With

Surfer Magazine

New Jersey Monthly

The Angler’s Journal

New Noise Magazine

Huck Magazine

The Surfer’s Journal

Inked Magazine

The Asbury Park Press


Philadelphia Magazine


Outboard Magazine

Press of Atlantic City

The SandPaper

Surfing Magazine


N’East Magazine

Transworld Surf


The Aquarian Weekly

The Outdoor Journal

Transworld Surfing



Eastern Surf Magazine

Blog Posts

303, 2023

Escape to LBI in Angler’s Journal Magazine

By |March 3rd, 2023|Categories: Editorial|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on Escape to LBI in Angler’s Journal Magazine

Today, my feature on LBI is front and center on The Anglers Journal website. It was also in the Winter 23 print issue with photos by Jessica Haydahl Richardson If you aren't aware of this magazine, it's a radically departure from other fishing mags. I'm always honored that they give me assignments considering I am a relative newcomer to angling. This feature takes a look at our home, as the way of life we have known is changing rapidly. I'm thankful ...

507, 2022

Bouncing Souls/Tattoo Artist Bryan Kienlen for NJ Monthly

By |July 5th, 2022|Categories: Editorial|Tags: , , , , , |Comments Off on Bouncing Souls/Tattoo Artist Bryan Kienlen for NJ Monthly

About 13 years ago, I was hanging out with Bryan Kienlen and he said, "Hey bud, I should tattoo you." I admittedly waited a bit as he got dialed in but then he put the iconic Bouncing Souls anchor heart on my calf, a piece I will always love for its association with New Jersey punk, independence and the friends we have in common. After interviewing Bryan Kienlen for Souls related stories for so many years, it was cool to ...

601, 2022

Sunny Singh, Hate5Six for Huck Mag

By |January 6th, 2022|Categories: Editorial|Tags: , , , , , , , |Comments Off on Sunny Singh, Hate5Six for Huck Mag

Courtesy Hate5Six “I got into hardcore and punk for some of the political aspects,” says Singh, “[Social justice] issues can be at the forefront of this music that brings all these people together. I’ve always liked the idea of subverting people’s consumption of entertainment and giving them a dose of reality. I’ve been covering political protests since 2011.” If you've been to a hardcore show in Philly in the past 5-10 years, you have likely seen Sunny Singh, ...

3108, 2021

Backyard Parties for Surfline

By |August 31st, 2021|Categories: Editorial|Tags: , , , , , |Comments Off on Backyard Parties for Surfline

We are fast approaching the peak of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. I wrote this piece for Surfline as something of a primer but then we had Hurricane Henri and sadly the mess of Hurricane Ida. Check out Backyard Parties for Surfline. We love to run around and chase swells. But for this one, my idea was to record stories off East Coasters who stayed home and scored. So I did this with my friends Rob Kelly and Jamie DeWitt as ...

1308, 2021

Ronnie Green for Anglers Journal

By |August 13th, 2021|Categories: Editorial|Tags: , , , , , |Comments Off on Ronnie Green for Anglers Journal

First off, if you have any interest at all in fishing, check out Angler's Journal. It's an amazing magazine with gorgeous photography and really thoughtful stories. Green Outdoors It's actually crazy that I should pen a story for such a publication, or any fishing magazine for that matter. When they asked for my bio, I included "Jon Coen knows enough about fishing to know that he knows nothing about fishing." They edited that to soften the blow, but ...

1507, 2021

Right Coast Tattoo Move for the Sand Paper

By |July 15th, 2021|Categories: Editorial|Tags: , , , , |Comments Off on Right Coast Tattoo Move for the Sand Paper

For the first time in 22 years, Long Beach Island does not have a tattoo shop. The town of Barnegat, however, just got a new shop with a solid legacy. Dan Binai opened Right Coast Tattoo in Ship Bottom 14 years ago. Set back from the Boulevard in one of the cut-outs, the shop flourished right along with the industry that saw massive growth from the mid-2000s. The shop had a consistent year-round clientele. Summers always saw traffic from visitors ...

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