I recently did a quick trip up to New England with a few LBI locals that turned into a fun little travel piece for Adventure Sports Network.

Ryan Johnson took some awesome photos and it was a reminder of how wonderful and basic a trip to Vermont can be.

Ryan Johnson

“….A mint on your pillow is nice. And a crafted hot drink by a gas fire pit, a high speed gondola, a cute faux village and a mountain boutique that sells fashionable microfleece Anoraks are all very pleasant … But they’re expensive.

When your main concern is whipping through the trees or running wide open on groomers with light crowds, all the niceties of a mountain resort cut into your shred budget.

Magic Mountain, in Southern Vermont seeks to bring the New England soul back to skiing and snowboarding, a vibe that goes back to why you got into riding in the first place – and retro prices to go along with it….”

Ryan Johnson