Project Description

Greg Cudnik, Fisherman's Headquarters, LBI

Episode 1 turned the spotlight on toothy critters, those misunderstood creatures of our waters, as well as a look at some of the signature dishes of LBI. In this, one of our most exciting episodes to date, we met up with Greg Cunik of Fisherman’s Headquarters and Darren Dorris of LBI Shark Experience to talk about the sharks that share our waters. They’re fascinating animals for sure, but they’re not hunting people. And you’ll be surprised to learn just how close we get.

We also get invited into the kitchens of a few of LBI’s best eateries to learn the stories behind the traditional favorited French Fried Lobster at Howard’s and the delicious Tuna Cracker at Parker’s Garage. These are the amazing dishes that people think about all winter long and can’t wait to return to LBI for a taste.


We’re very thankful for the support of Country Kettle Fudge and the Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce on this episode.