One of the partners I work most frequently with is the Tide Table Group.

In 2017, they opened Parker’s Garage and Oyster Saloon. The building historically was a marine repair shop owned by Ellis Parker, a legendary bayman. We’ve created an entire theme based on turn-of-the-century Beach Haven, the Golden Age of the Queen City.

I worked with Mark Tesi and the Togetherness Agency to brand Parker’s digging deep into the histories of LBI, Beach Haven and Tuckerton. The history is so rich and the work is something that I connect with. There’s authenticity in this story telling.

I was tasked with writing all the copy for the website and then was handed the social media duties.

“In the 1870s, the newly built railway that connected New York and Philly to the port of Tuckerton brought folks from the cities. A steam ferry shuttled visitors and locals across the bay and Beach Haven flourished as a seaside community.
By the early 1900s, Beach Haven was a geographical embodiment of the good life; that mix of hard work on the bay and beach town relaxation. Ellis Parker opened a restaurant/houseboat rental operation, and later boat engine repair shop. We think of it as a golden age of Long Beach Island – the fishermen, the hotel guests, decoy carvers, barkeeps, kids rowing dinghies, the bootleggers, and baymen.
Today, Parker’s Garage is a celebration of all that. From our boat slips to our oyster saloon, we want to bring back that era. And we invite your family to be part of it.”